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Hop off the bus, Gus!

Jay Cross, in Bus Routes & Bike Paths likens formal learning to riding the bus with it’s unvarying routes and schedule and compares informal learning to people on bikes who can go where ever they want, whenever they want. Does your training “city” have any bike paths built in?


Getting from tacit to explicit

I think Tony has nailed this one right on the button.  I very much agree that a large part of maximizing learning is to get tacit knowledge to become explicit knowledge. As he points out another advantage to capturing that tacit knowledge is the opportunity for discovering the potential for corrections/improvements.

eLearning Technology: Tacit vs. Explicit Knowledge – Decisions Learning Professionals Make Everyday

Corporate Learning

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A nice post on learning in a corporation make the point that the goal should be to take tacit knowledge and efficiently redistribute it as explicit knowledge. I think this is right on the mark. Part of learning, maybe the first step, is sharing what others already know. Great post!!!!


Great Online File Conversion Tool

Convert Between All Videos or Audio Formats Online » Digital Inspiration

“From Amit Agarwal’s great blog comes another nice online tool. Media Convert is a free online converter service that can convert any audio or video file format into almost any other format such as AVI, MOV, SWF, MPEG, FLV, Real, DivX and several more.

Handles files up to 50MB without any downloads or plug-ins. You can even grab screenshots of any url and more with this tool. Nice page to keep in your list of bookmarks.

UPDATE: Zamzar may be a bit better. Better interface 100MB limit. Check it out.