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Question Types for Assessments

Computer-based Assessment in E-Learning” (PDF) from the Journal of Technology, Learning & Assessment is an article with some nice ideas for alternative question types backed up with supporting research. This article lists 28 question types categorized by degree of constraint and complexity. A couple of the questions types I thought were pretty good ideas.

For example, some alternative question type ideas include:

1. Multiple Choice w/ new media distractors: Instead of the traditional select an answer from a list we could creat a question where they need to click on an image to indicate the correct answer.

2. Selection/Identification: Yes/No format with additional step of reasoning.

i.e. During an event an operator must monitor the XYQ pressure reading.

A. Yes, because reason #1
B. Yes, because reason #2
C. No, because reason #3
D. No, because reason #4

This question type tends to “…more readily distinguished between students of higher and lower abilities, than conventional multiple choice.”

3. Reordering / Rearrangement (Matching): Could be in the format of match A,B,C with 1,2,3 or could be categorize a list of items into a small # of categories.

4. Ranking & Sequencing: Indicate the order in which a series should occur. i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

5. Substitution / Correction: Write a statement and ask them to identify which of the underlined words are incorrect.

6. Construction: Provide a chart with labels on it and ask them to interpret what different parts of the chart indicate via mult. choice. (p32).