Tip of the Week #121: Display The Full Path Of Your Office Files

Volume 3, Issue #123 Past Issue Archive
May 8, 2009
Display The Full Path Of Your Office Files Would you ever like to see the full path of the Office document you are working on? Whenever I’m working on documents with multiple versions or trying to merge several documents or just have multiple files open at the same time I find it very help to be able to tell which one I’m working in at a quick glance.

There have been a number of times when working with multiple files that I’ve done things in one document when I thought I was in a different one. Ugh! I hate that. Here’s an easy way for you to benefit from my mistakes and add the file name (including the full path of where it is saved) right to your toolbar.

Let’s do some customizing

The nice thing is this works in Excel, Word and PowerPoint. The not quite as nice thing is that you’ll need to set this up for each application separately.

1. Right-click anywhere on any toolbar to display a context menu for the toolbars.

2. Choose Customize…
( You can also use the menu option: Tools » Customize… )

3. Click on the Commands tab.

4. In the Categories list (on the left hand side), select Web.

5. Drag the Address command (the first one in the command list) to wherever you’d like your file’s address to be (on your toolbars)

6. Click on Close.

Now you should have something like this that displays the full path of where your document is stored.

NOTE: This is also a good way to get the UNC path to use when linking to shared network folders.

Watch this to see how it works

What do you think of this one? Drop me a note and let me know.

Have a great weekend!


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