Linkification (Part 1)

Creating links in Lotus Notes.

Do you ever need to point someone in the right direction to help them find information? Whether it’s in one of our seemingly infinite number of Lotus Notes databases or in a shared network folder sending them a link can make finding things very simple.

This week we’ll briefly look at how to create links in Lotus Notes documents and emails. As you’ll see there are a couple of different ways to create links within Lotus Notes.

Linking to a Lotus Notes Database:

1. Open the database you want to link to
2. From the Edit menu select Copy As Link > Database Link

You can also choose Document Link if you want to link to a particular document in the dB or View Link to link to a specific view of the dB.

3. Place the cursor where you would like to insert the link and paste it via the menu Edit > Paste or by pressing Ctrl+V on your keyboard.

An icon appears that links back to the database when clicked on by the recipient of the email.

Try it out:

» Database Link to F&H Training Resource Database >
» Document Link to “Instructor Skills Training” document >
» View Link to Technical Training by Title view >

Drag & Drop Linking:

If you don’t like all that maneuvering through menus, copying and pasting there is an even quicker way to get those links into a Lotus Notes document. You can do it by dragging and dropping the tab into the document where you would like the link to be.

Watch below to see how this works.

Creating Links (aka Hotspots) in Lotus Notes:

You can use a link hotspot to link to documents, views, folders, databases, or various types of URLs. To create a link hotspot you must be in a rich-text field (a field that allows text, objects, file attachments, and pictures)

1. With your document or email in edit mode, select any text that you want to act as a link; i.e. “Click Here”
2. From the Create menu select Hotspot Link Hotspot.
3. Click the Hotspot Info tab in the “Hotspot Resource Link” properties box.

4. Enter the link in the Value field; for example

I always think it’s a good idea to underline your link and make the text blue (as shown above) so that the link is easy to distinguish from other regular text in your document.

Next week we’ll take a look at how you can link to different types of URLs that can be included in Lotus Notes emails and documents such as:

» Internet/Intranet sites
» Shared network folders
» Email addresses
» NetMeeting

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