What is that Windows Key for on my keyboard?

[ via Dumb Little Man ] Do you EVER use the Windows key on your keyboard? Don’t even know what that means? Take a look at your keyboard, just to the left of the spacebar. Do you see that key with the flag on it? Do you know what it’s for?

Here is a list of helpful shortcuts you can use with the Windows key:

Windows key — Displays START menu

Windows key + d — Shows the Desktop. Repeated, it restores the previous windows that were being displayed

Windows key + e
— Opens a new Windows Explorer window

Windows key + f
— Displays Find Files or Search

Windows key + m
— Minimizes all windows

Windows key + shift + m
— Undo Minimize all

Windows key + Shift + m — Restores windows minimized by previous command

Windows key + tab
— Cycle through Taskbar buttons

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